January Fundraising Effort for a film on Ford Madox Ford

Hey Everybody,
Please join me in supporting a January fundraising effort for the newly finished feature documentary It Was the Nightingale, by Paul Lewis and Subterracon films. I was the sound designer and I think it’s a terrific film. Now we need to get it out to film festivals world-wide and this will take resources for application fees, marketing materials, travel, etc.

Giving starts with as little as $25! Tax-deductible giving is also available. All the details can be found at the website: www.subterracon.com

This is a very worthwhile film especially if you know nothing about Ford Madox Ford. He wrote many amazing books and so many authors owe him a great debt. He was well known in Paris in the 1920’s. His is truly an extraordinary story.

Please help us out if you can and share this message far and wide.

Thanks I really appreciate your time reading this.


You Can Still Pre-Order Road Dog

“Coming from a man branded as “Angry,” Road Dog is full of joy and love. What a trip! I was there (in parts), and I much prefer Kelley’s memory to my own. I love this book!” – Daniel Boyd, author/filmmaker, Chillers, Carbon, Salt.


Hell yes, I want to Pre-Order my copy of Road Dog Right Now!

It’s only $17.95 + $3 shipping and handling

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Twas The Night Before, The Night Before Christmas

Seventeen years ago tonight I was sitting in the lobby of the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel nursing a bourbon or three. Since you asked I’ll tell you.

Shit, is that Lou Reed? I think to myself.

He steps out of the elevator with a blonde woman who’s fighting her Social Security years by sporting one of the shortest dresses I’ve ever seen. The hair color is obviously not natural but those legs are impressive. Think Tina Turner. Her coat is some kind of animal, cut above the waist allowing plenty of space for everyone to take in her legs.

Lou is sporting jet black heavily dyed hair, round dark glasses at night, and he’s wearing a floor length black fur coat. I’m not sure what kind of an animal it was but it certainly looks better than Lou’s hair.

Then there are the old people. You hardly notice them dressed conservatively in overcoats for protection from the elements. They’re easily in their late 80’s.

They come off the elevator together and that’s when Lou makes a beeline for the piano. The regular piano player is on break talking to friends and looking very dapper in his Men’s Wearhouse tuxedo. As dapper as one can look with a receding hairline and a potbelly. Continue reading “Twas The Night Before, The Night Before Christmas”

Pre-Order Road Dog

Road Dog is a wonderfully entertaining look at a life well lived along the road–make that many, many roads–less travelled.  Kelley’s writing is funny, incisive, and wryly observant as he recounts experiences both mundane and bizarre accumulated through his years of driving back and forth across this wildly diverse, crazy ass country of ours.  Infectiously page-turning.  I loved it.” – William Bitner, author, Worlds Beyond, She Saw Dinosaurs

Hell yes, I want to Pre-Order my copy of Road Dog Right Now!

It’s only $17.95 + $3 shipping and handling

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Road Dog


“When Moses and I hit the road, it was scary, demanding and a shit ton of fun. Fierce storms, terrifying fog, icy roads, uncontrollable laughter, and oftentimes far too much alcohol. Without that big old dog I’m not sure how I would’ve survived.” – Kelley Baker

Road Dog Promo from The Angry Filmmaker on Vimeo.

Pre-order Road Dog right now for $17.95 + $3 shipping and handling

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(If you’d like to read a chapter from Road Dog check out When I Fight Authority)

With no distributor interested in his independent films, Kelley Baker, the Angry Filmmaker, ripped a page out of the punk rock handbook and went looking for his audience in a used minivan with his faithful 120 pound Chocolate Lab, Moses. Every fall and spring they traveled the country showing his films at art house theaters, film festivals, colleges, and biker bars. Continue reading “Road Dog”

The AFSG Part One: Making The Extreme No Budget Film – 2nd Edition is now an Audio Book!

Yes you heard that right.

The Angry Filmmaker Survival Guide Part One finally has a Second Edition.


And I wrote the Second Edition with more attitude, more anger, and more swearing! Oh yeah and more advice. (I figured I had to throw that in.)

“If you want to see what the future of storytelling looks like then check out Kelley Baker.” – – Brian David Johnson, Futurist, Author, Filmmaker

I’m going to release the second edition both as a paperback and an eBook, they’re just not quite done yet.

The audio version has been uploaded to Audible and it’s just sitting there waiting for you to purchase it.

Why a Second Edition you ask?

I was talking to Ridley Scott and he told me if I really wanted a beach house in France then I should do what he does. He just releases another “Director’s Cut” of Blade Runner and people buy it because they think there’s something new in it and BANG! He has the money for a new beach house.

Okay so I don’t know Ridley and I don’t have a beach house anywhere. I looked at the book recently and really felt that a lot of the information in it needed to be updated so I re-wrote the book.

The audio version is 6 hours and 46 minutes in length and that was a lot of damn reading and speaking! But it was worth it. I’m very happy with this 2nd Edition. I hope to get the print and eBook versions out soon.

Did I mention the audio version has been uploaded to Audible.

Below is a Preview Clip. If you like it then please go to Audible and buy the whole book. Thank you.

I Need Photos for my new book, Road Dog

I’m almost finished with my new book Road Dog, being the adventures of Moses and I when we toured the US for 7 years showing my films and teaching workshops.

Does anyone have any photos of Moses and I (either together or separately) during our touring years? I have very few and they aren’t that good.

If you do please let me know as I would love to see them and possibly use them (with your permission of course) in the book. You can message me at kbaker@angryfilmmaker.com.

Thank you.

Rod Serling Interview – Writers I Like

Every now and again when I find an interview with a writer that I like I’m posting it. I found this when I was looking for something else (naturally) but I took the time to watch it and I learned a lot. I’ve always been a fan of Rod Serling’s writing. I wish we had more like him working today.

So here is Mike Wallace talking to Rod Serling and I believe this interview was done before The Twilight Zone started because he refers to it during the conversation. And they’re both smoking their brains out. My how things have changed on television.

It’s a cool interview, enjoy it.


The Seven Deadly Sins of Filmmaking #8 Podcast


If it’s Monday then this must be Podcast #8.

Yes, I took some time off, it’s summer but I’m back and I’ll be posting the next few each week and we’ll see where we end up. So anyway…

Once again I will recap how these Podcasts came about for those who haven’t heard or can’t read…

A couple years ago after watching hundreds of students films and films by new filmmakers, William Akers (Author of Your Screenplay Sucks!) sat down and wrote out The Seven Deadly Sins of Filmmaking for his students. His goal was to put a laminated list of these sins in to every camera bag at school so when students went out on their shoots they would have one more reminder of things not to do.

He passed his list around to some of his friends and other Independent Filmmakers in the film business for input and we added more until the list swelled to eighteen.

On one of my frequent trips to Nashville over a glass of wine or four, William decided we should record a group of Podcasts.

William continues to call it The Seven Deadly Sins of Filmmaking (even though there are eighteen) because it has such a classical sound to it.

For the next couple months I’m going to re-post these, one every week, so come back and listen. And if you can’t stand the suspense and want to listen to them all at once, you’ll find them all here on my website under the menu button that says, PODCASTS.

I’m sure you have other Filmmaking Sins that are not included in our list but we think this is a pretty good place to start. So gather round filmmakers and take a listen. This shit is more entertaining than sitting in a classroom.

This weeks edition is called “Never Cast People Who Are The Wrong Age”

What the Hell does this mean? Really? You have no idea?

Re-write for the character. If you can’t get the right person to play a part you’ve written, then re-write the part. Always pick the best Actor!  But wait there’s more.  And for that…   Listen to the damn podcast!

We’ll be getting in to production stuff, yeah actual filmmaking, coming up in later podcasts.

The 7 Deadly Sins of Filmmaking # Eight – Never Cast People Who Are The Wrong Age


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Check in later this week for articles links and more film related stuff.

Five Links to Articles That Real Filmmakers Need to Read


If you’re a Poser or think you know all of this shit cause you’ve watched a bunch of DVD extras then don’t fucking bother. If you actually want to learn something then check these articles out.

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A special thanks to Indiewire, Seed & Spark, Fandependent, The Film Collaborative, Sherry Candler, and John Rangel for turning me on to these articles.

You can thank me later. And keep coming back to my website and checking out the blog. You never know what you might learn here…