François Truffaut Documentary

Check out this great doc on French Filmmaker Francois Truffaut. It’s in two parts.

You don’t know who Truffaut is? Well here’s your chance to learn about one of the great French New Wave Directors.

You can thank me later.

Part One is here…

And Part Two

That was a nice way to spend an evening wasn’t it?

You’re welcome.

Five Films I Watch Every Year

There are five films that I watch every year because I learn something new every time I see them.

These films are rich in content and they reflect a style in their acting, art direction, cinematography, costuming and sound.

1.) Touch Of Evil
2.) Amadeus
3.) M
4.) A Woman Under The Influence
5.) Once Upon A Time In The West

Everyone has their own list of films that influence them or that they learned from but I don’t know how many films you can watch over and over and get something new or spot something you never noticed before.

Touch Of Evil – we all know the famous opening shot that goes on forever and sets up the movie. Since this film was made in 1960 and shot in 35mm I still marvel at how they were able to do that opening considering both the weight and the bulk of the equipment. A scene that is just as amazing to me is when they find the dynamite in the apartment. That scene is also a long single take and the camera is incredibly active going from room to room to track the action. I have been told that grips were literally moving set walls so that the camera could move uninterrupted. … More

Preface From My First Book…

From The Angry Filmmaker Survival Guide Part One: Making The Extreme No Budget Film


I am the poster boy for bad decision making in the Independent Film world!

I have made eight short films, three features and a couple of documentaries, along with a ton of corporate videos, and commercials. I have whored myself on other people’s movies for the last 20+ years. There are certain truths I have learned, and certain things and people I shouldn’t have listened to. I have messed up my life financially, emotionally, and probably physically and it’s all been for my love of movies. My movies.

A lot of people ask me why I’m angry. I am the Angry Filmmaker after all. What makes me angry is the state of INDEPENDENT films. The independent film industry is no longer even remotely independent. It’s been mainstreamed by Hollywood and is now simply another over-hyped product. Like commercial radio, pop music and Starbucks coffee, the industry has become a homogenized mess of conglomerates owned by a handful of extremely powerful corporations. It begs the question: Independent from what?

We need to take the word “Independent” back! … More

Great Interview with John Sayles

Here is an interview with Independent Filmmaker John Sayles where he talks about self-financing, self-distribution, directing actors and his movie “Go for Sisters”. It’s an amazing interview.

John Sayles is one of the all time great Independent Filmmakers and a wonderful writer.

In addition to screenplays he writes novels and short stories.

His films are always completely different from each other. Personal favorites include Eight Men Out, Matewan, Brother From Another Planet, The Return of the Seacacus Seven and Lone Star. (Oh God there are so many more…)

So check out the interview and learn something about real Independent Filmmaking.

Look Ma! More Links That Filmmakers Should Check Out…

I found these on various sites and they’re all worth a read.

What You Need to Know to Succeed With Crowdfunding

Six Ways to Fund Your Independent Projects

Jon Reis on Self-Distribution

Women in Cinematography – video

Okay, that’s enough for today. We now return you to our regularly scheduled broadcast…

Albert Maysles Interviews

Since Albert Maysles passed away this week at the age of 88 I thought it would be a good idea to post these two interviews with him that I found and a TedxTalk. I hope you enjoy them. Then go out and watch his films.

Albert Maysles on CounterCulture

Theater Talk

And here is a Tedx talk with Albert Maysles.

Rest in Peace Mr. Maysles you were an original and you will be missed.

RIP Albert Maysles

I had the pleasure of having lunch with Albert Maysles in New York quite a few years ago. He was a really nice fellow and a wonderful storyteller.

If you haven’t checked out any of his and his brothers films you owe it to yourself to check them out. Among my favorites are Salesman, Gimme Shelter and Grey Gardens, but there are so many more.

Here is a link to a nice article in the New York Times.

RIP. You will be missed.

Two Great Interviews With John Cassavetes

Here is a 40 minute documentary about John Cassavetes while he was editing Faces. It’s pretty interesting…

Here is an audio interview of John Cassavetes with Gena Rowlands in the mid 1970′s right after A Woman Under The Influence.

I am a huge fan of Cassavetes and you all should watch both of these interviews.

I keep finding all of these links that I think are important to Filmmakers

Here are some more links I found from Rose Spinelli at The Crowd Fundementals Check out Rose’s site here –

I’m a fan of Rose’s and I think she really knows her shit. If you want information on Crowd Funding go to her site.

Digital Advertising, Bad Bet? Bad Bot!

A quote –

“It turns out that from 88% to 98% of digital ads we pay for are clicked by bots, not thinking, discerning humans. And the fraudsters aren’t fringe offenders; they are companies we rely on and respect like—this one broke my heart—LinkedIn. They came in at 88% fake, with the worst offender being Google, at 98%. Good old Facebook and Yahoo tied at 94%.”

Read the whole article and then decide of digital advertising is for you.

Here is a Twitter Management platform – -

Twitter Management

Here’s an interesting article (not sure how old it is) on why people support various projects through crowd funding.

The Motivations Behind Crowdfunding – -

Here is a quote…

The three authors mentioned, identified the main motivations to invest as following:

  • Personal identification with the project’s subject and its goals,
  • Contribution to a societally important mission,
  • Satisfaction from being part of a certain community with similar priorities,
  • Satisfaction from observing the realisation and success of the project funded,
  • Enjoyment in being engaged in and interacting with the project’s team
  • Enjoying contributing to an innovation or being among the pioneers of new technology or business,
  • The chance to expand one’s own personal network,
  • The expectation of attracting funders in return for one’s own crowdfunding project,


Let’s end with a link to John Cleese.

John Cleese on Comedy & Intelligence – Are We Losing It

Samuel Fuller Documentary: The Typewriter, The Rifle and The Movie Camera

I found this interesting documentary on Sam Fuller. It features interviews with Martin Scorsese, Tim Robbins, Quentin Tarantino and Fuller himself. It’s a good watch. Check it out and learn about films these guys know all about and you’ve probably never heard of…

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