Howard Hawks Interview/Film – The Men Who Made The Movies

Here is an interesting interview/film about Howard Hawks who made some of my favorite films.  What did he make you ask?  The original Scarface in 1932. (what, you thought the DePalma-Pacino version was the original?)  How about Bringing Up Baby, Only Angels Have Wings, His Girl Friday, To Have And Have Not, The Big Sleep, Red River and many more.  If you’re serious about films and filmmaking you need to check this guy out.



Check out this podcast…

Filmmaker Dave Bullis did an interview with me for his podcast.  I hope I was witty and informative, but you be the judge.

Thanks Dave it was great talking with you.

It Was 30 Years Ago This Weekend…

It was 30 years ago (Labor Day Weekend 1984) that I left my job at Will Vinton Productions (that’s what it was called then) and set up my own company and started freelancing.  We had just finished The Adventures of Mark Twain and I was exhausted, I felt unappreciated, and I had NO money in the bank.  And now 30 years later I’m still exhausted, unappreciated and always broke!  WTF?

I’m also very lucky.  I have worked on some great films with Gus Van Sant, Todd Haynes and way too many others to name (you know who you all are).  I have made eight short films, three features a bunch of documentaries and tons of commercials, corporate videos, music videos and just about anything else one could film.  I have traveled all over the US, Canada, and Europe as well as the South Pacific and my films have screened all over the world, including retrospectives in San Francisco and Scotland.  (My daughter met two Russian Fans of my films in Paris of all places…)

I’ve published two books with two more in the pipeline and I am trying to complete Dangerous: Kay Boyle by the end of the year (which I’ve been saying every year since 1988).

I want to thank all of my friends, colleagues, supporters, and family who have supported, helped and been there for me and my work all these years.  I am very fortunate to have had so many wonderful, crazy and supportive people in my life.  THANK YOU ALL!

I am looking forward the next 30 years and with any luck on Labor Day Weekend in 2044 maybe I won’t be tired, I’ll finally feel appreciated and who knows, maybe I’ll even have a couple dollars in the bank.

I am one lucky bastard thanks to all of you!

Now I need to get back to work and being Angry!

Words to Live By

A friend of mine’s father (John Otterbacher, Sr.) wrote a wonderful book, Sailing Grace. You can find it here –

I wrote him a fan letter because this guy went through more heart issues than I could ever shake a stick at.  It was a good time for me to read it as I was reflecting on some shit as we do when we go thorough life changing stuff. I also had the opportunity to have a couple of drinks with him at a film festival and he was a hoot.  He was funny, unapologetic, and full of piss and vinegar (I know, I thought we were related).  I dug this guy!

Anyway, I sent him a thank you note after I finished the book and he replied in the only way people like us can reply.

His last words in the letter, “Be Unreasonable”.

Thanks John.  I will.

Check out the book if you wish.  It’s a good read about a guy who overcomes a lot of health issues and fear, to sail his boat and live his life to the fullest, no matter what the doctors tell him.

Thanks for writing it man.


Carla Laemmle One of the Last Silent Film Stars dies at 104

Here are some cool links to check out about Carla Laemmle, whose Uncle Carl Laemmle founded Universal Studios.

Her obituary is here.

Groucho Marx Interview 1969

Dick Cavett used to be one of the better interviewers on TV. There were times when he shut up and let his guests talk as compared to the times when he wanted to make sure the audience knew how smart he was.

(Does this sound familiar today? I’m looking at you Charlie Rose! Shut up and let your guests talk, no one gives a rat’s ass about you!)

Anyway, one night Groucho was on The Dick Cavett Show and he was amazing.

So here through the magic of YouTube is that interview. Watch it and enjoy!

You can thank me later…

Help Support “Her Aim Is True” Karen Whitehead’s amazing Documentary.

She visualised punk before it had a name and was indie before it was cool. Acclaimed film must pay music licensing to share HER story!

Please go to and support this film.

My friend Karen Whitehead has made an amazing film about a truly amazing Rock Photographer. I have seen it and I love it. It has played the festival circuit and done great. Now she needs to raise money to pay for all of the music licensing.

Don’t let this film die! It needs to be seen, Jini Dellaccio’s story is a great one.

Please help my friend Karen out so more people can see this film.

Thank you.

Rod Serling UCLA Interview…

This is a great interview with Rod Serling from May 1971. We need more Writers/Producers like this guy. There has never been another like him. Our loss. Listen and enjoy. You might even learn…

A Reminder about my film, Dangerous: Kay Boyle

Just a reminder that I’m still fundraising and working on my film, Dangerous:Kay Boyle.

Please watch the sample video below and if you can help us out, great.  Please pass this on to your friends, with your help I can finish this film.

I put this together so people can learn more about Kay Boyle and see a few of the things that will be in the final edit of Dangerous: Kay Boyle. I refer to this as sort of a “Sample Reel”. This is still rough and not intended to be a finished part of the film. It’s just a few things about Kay that I think are interesting. Enjoy.

To find out more about Kay Boyle and my film Dangerous: Kay Boyle you can click on the “Kay Boyle Film” button on the menu (above). Thanks for looking.

Please help me complete my film by making a Tax Deductible Donation.

Any donation will get your name in the film credits as a “Thank you”.
Even $5 helps.
Whether you can help us financially or not, Please Pass on our website URL and project information to all of your friends. Tell them you believe in this film and would like to help us complete it. … More

Interesting Blog to Check Out

I just discovered Chris Dorr over at Digital Dorr.  He writes a lot of interesting stuff and I am now subscribing to him.  Check him out @

If you’re interested in filmmaking (which is probably why you’re here in the first place), it’s well worth your time.

Thanks to Sheri Candler Marketing & Publicity for the find.  You can find Sheri on Facebook here –

Have a great weekend.  I’m working on Dangerous all weekend.


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