Tours End

Tour’s End 11-15-17

I know I fell off the face of the earth over a week ago, and for those who have emailed me asking if I’m okay, I’m okay. Tired, but okay. It was a grueling tour.

Everyone keeps asking, “Was the tour successful?”

It was great seeing lots of old friends, making new ones, reading and signing my book, hanging out with the DFB, teaching workshops, guest lecturing at so many different places, and doing bucket list stuff like seeing the Grand Canyon and the recording studios at Muscle Shoals. I met a lot of incredible people along the way and some of them opened up their homes to the DFB and I.

“Did you sell a lot of books?”

I sold some books. Not as many as I’d hoped but more then if I’d stayed home.

There were nights I was disappointed by the turnouts but those things happen. You promote the hell out of a gig and friends tell you they’re looking forward to seeing you and then only 2 or 3 people show up. I don’t let it bother me. I just do the best reading/talk/workshop that I can, no matter how many people show up.

I finished the tour in Palm Springs on November 2nd and the following morning started the two-day drive home.

On the way home I had a few mechanical (and expensive) failures. Blew a tire at 65 mph on I-5 just north of Kettleman City. I was able to get the van off the road and up on to the dirt shoulder without getting mowed down by a semi. AAA showed up and I saw that the tire was shredded. The driver recommended a tire shop about 30 minutes away where I overpaid for 2 tires but got back out on the road.

About 100 miles later the starter went out at a truck stop in Santa Nella. A tow truck driver helped me get it started with a pry bar and a sledgehammer, as there were no shops in the area. I headed north thinking maybe I could cannonball home. That thought didn’t last, I made it quite a few hours but finally I was too tired. The DFB and I slept in the van in the middle of nowhere in a driving rainstorm. The following morning I got hold of AAA and ended up at a shop that gouged me to fix the starter, but let’s face it when your van with out-of-state license plates gets towed in to a small shop in the middle of nowhere you really don’t have any leverage to negotiate a good deal on anything.

Finally made it home, then I got sick. I’m sure it’s all of the stress catching up to me.

“So was the tour a success?”

Financially, I lost money.

But, I’m still on my feet and I’m still laughing. The DFB and I had a great time and quite a few adventures. I hope the people who came out and saw us had a great time as well.

I guess it’s all about how YOU define success?

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