Please Support The Film, “Crip Camp”

My good friend Jim LeBrecht and Nicole Newnham are making a documentary and they need your support. The film is called “Crip Camp” and I’ll let Jim tell you about it.

“Crip Camp is a story with a universal message, brought to life by the little known story of a camp for the “handicapped” that fostered a revolutionary approach to providing disabled teens and adults with an environment of respect and high expectations. Some very important seeds were sowed in the late night conversations in the bunks about a future of civil rights and independent living for our community. What happens as the 70’s unfolded and how lives flourished, floundered and ended too soon parallels society in general. As we look back today, we reflect on what made our lives possible and how we continue to work to make the world a better place for everyone.

There are a few central stories/messages in our film. The one that I hold closest to my heart is the message that once you experience a better life, you will fight to have that permanently. How can anyone strive for a better life if they don’t experience it or know that it exists?

We will have a trailer up sometime in late May. There is a matching grant going on right now, so every donation gets doubled.”

Here is a link to their website –

Please support this important film if you can. There is a matching grant going on right now so if you donate it will be matched.

Jim is a great friend of mine and someone I really respect. Please help him get this film made.

Thank you.