Links & Other Points of Interest

Links: – – They are responsible for Screenwriter 6 and Dramatica.  Great software! – – Jeff Pollard did some amazing artwork for me. Check out The Gas Cafe Logo, and all of the titles for Kicking Bird. All his stuff is pretty cool. – – If you need filmmaking software you need to check this site out.  Great budgeting and scheduleing software. – – you want to know about running movies. It’s all here. – – is a great book by William Akers. The full title is Your Screenplay Sucks! 100 Ways to Make It Great. I recommend this book to anyone that writies screenplays. It’s that good. — close personal fiends! — Good political ramblings… – – I love this blog.! It echos my own views on so called “Indie” filmmaking. It’s funny and smart! – – articles and reviews to help truly micro budget filmmakers.  It’s a cool site. – – Entertainment Law Resources – Mark writes a lot of good things that we all need to know. – – Morrie Warshawski is great when it comes to fundraising stuff.  Buy his books. – – Documentary sponsorship site. – – progressive media stuff.  We gotta support these guys! – –  Southwest Alternative Media Project down in Houston.  These folks are great for workshops and screenings. – – Bay Area Video Coalition. – – all of your writing needs. – – Writer’s Guild of America – – Writer’s Guild East – – Screen Actors Guild – – The American Federation of Television and Radio Artists – – The American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers (ASCAP) – – Broadcast Music, Inc