Hey thanks for believing in Kelley Baker/Angry Filmmaker. I appreciate your support. I’m making movies and writing books because I have to and if you’d like to contribute, here’s your opportunity.

The Dog Face Boy and I are on going out on tour from September 17 – November 6. We’re promoting my newest book, Road Dog. Since I’m an Independent Filmmaker and Author I do a lot of this stuff myself. Which really means that I pay all of the bills out of my own pocket.

Doing a tour like this is expensive. I’m fortunate to have so many great friends that care about what I’m doing and who actively help me.

I’m always accepting donations and will eventually be setting up a Patreon Account. But until then if you would like to donate and help me pay for this tour that would be wonderful. Just click the Add To Cart button.

$5, $10, $25, or ???  Anything you can do to help is always appreciated.

Add to Cart

For donations over $25.00 if you include your address I’ll send you a signed copy of Road Dog.

I promise to keep making films, writing stories and books.

Thank you.


I’ve posted the video from our Indiegogo Campaign below. That campaign is over but I’m still in need of support. Please take a couple minutes to watch the video.