Help Us Tell Kay’s Story

Kay in her writing room in the 1930’s.

I need your help.

I need to raise $25,000 to complete my film, Dangerous: Kay Boyle.

The filming portion of Dangerous: Kay Boyle is complete.  Over the years I shot 25,000 feet of 16mm film and a workprint was struck.  The early editing on this movie was done in film.

As time moved forward and technology changed I am finding that there are things I need to do to complete the film that I can’t do myself.  I need to hire people and have various technical things done and that costs money.

All of the original camera negative has been transferred to digital to move forward with the editing.  All of the original ¼ inch audio tapes needed to be “baked” to save them from degrading.  This has been done and all of the original audio has been transferred to digital.

I still need to negotiate rights to stills, film clips and music as well as doing title design and graphics, final sound mix, etc., and it all costs money.

Funding has always been difficult to get for this film.  Potential funders have no idea who Kay Boyle was so I paid for many things out of my pocket.  Over the years I have personally devoted thousands of hours and tens of thousands of dollars to this film because I have always believed that people need to know who Kay Boyle was.  An amazing artist, woman and role model.

I have budgeted the final stages of the film and I know we can get it completed for around $25,000.

Any donation will get your name in the film credits as a “Thank you”.  Even $5 helps.

$25 and above: Your name will be listed in the credits and website as a film supporter.

$75 and above: All of the above plus your name will be listed in the credits and website as a film supporter and you will receive a signed copy of my book Road Dog.

$100 and above: All of the above plus you will receive two (2) tickets to the film premiere in Portland, OR.

$250 and above: All of the above plus you will get your name in the film credits as a “Benefactor” and signed copies of both The Angry Filmmaker Survival Guides (Part One and Part Two) as well as a DVD copy of Dangerous: Kay Boyle upon completion.

$1000 and above: All of the above (and my undying loyalty), plus your name in the credits under the heading “People Who Should Really Know Better”, and signed copies of all my DVDs.

$2500 and above: All of the above and you will be listed as an Executive Producer, and you’ll get a private screening of the film at your home upon completion, with in 1000 miles of Portland, Oregon.  (And I’ll even bring the Brie and crackers.)

Whether you can help us financially or not, please pass on our website URL and project information to all of your friends.  Tell them you believe in this film and would like to help us complete it.

Please help get Kay’s story told.

If you wish to make a contribution to Dangerous: Kay Boyle, then click on the Donate Button.

Come back often for updates. I am going to be adding photos and other things as the film progresses. Thank you, your participation means a lot to me.