A Personal Plea

Kay Boyle in her writing room 1930’s France

I need your help.

I started shooting DANGEROUS: KAY BOYLE in 1986.

This movie needs to be finished.  This is not just another vanity project.  For those of you who know me, this is something that I feel passionately about and have been working on for years.

I believe that the young filmmaker who started making this film so many years ago bit off more than he could chew.  But I know that the filmmaker who is finishing this film is a better filmmaker because of experience gained over the years.

Kay Boyle was an amazing role model not just for women or artists, she was a role model for all of us.  She was an example of how to live a full life and have a profound effect on the lives of others.  I don’t want to see this legacy lost.

Kay was always willing to help others who were less fortunate than she was.   At the time of her death even though she had this amazing body of work, and had lived a life many of us can only dream about, she had very little money.  That never stopped her from making donations and continuing to help others she felt needed it more.

I am so fucking tired of seeing pop stars and athletes touted as role models when most of them have done nothing to truly help others, unless you count appearing on televised benefits.

We live in tough times and one of the things that Kay Boyle taught me was never be afraid to speak your mind.  Her son Ian said, “Even if she was frightened she spoke out anyway.”   She stood up for what she believed was correct, no matter the consequence.  I think we need more people like Kay who are willing to stand up and speak out to help those who can’t speak for themselves.

There are a lot of interesting projects out there that need your help, so why choose this one?  Because if Kay’s life and work inspires just one person to speak out, not be intimidated, and to help change someone’s life, then your donation did something important.

Please help to get this important film completed.

I appreciate you taking the time to read this.

If you wish to make a Contribution to Dangerous: Kay Boyle,feel free to contact me at kbaker@angryfilmmaker.com and we can work it out.

Come back often for updates. I am going to be adding photos and other things as the film progresses. Thanks again, your participation means a lot to me.