The Gas Cafe


Five people collide in a bar one night, one is dead, one never lived, and the other three are lying. THE GAS CAFE (2001) was shot in digital video in 8 nights. It was made for $4000 and funded entirely on Unemployment checks. This movie has been called “an old Twilight Zone episode, that has collided with Samuel Beckett’s Waiting for Godot”.

Directed by Kelley Baker
Written by Bruce Lacey & Kelley Baker
Produced by Nicola Silverstone
Produced by Kelley Baker & Bruce Lacey
Associate Producer Concha Solano
Director of Photography Randall Timmerman
Production Designer Teresa Tamiyasu

Punk  …  William Ray
Ross  …  Francisco Garcia
Grandpa  …  Tom Lasswell
Ted  …  Don Alder
DeeDee  …  Abigail Ray

Running time: 90 minutes
This film is not rated. Probably an R for Language and Brief Nudity

DVD’s $10.00 + $3 S&H

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