Fins, Feathers & Fins

And lets not forget AngryFilmmaker for kids…

Fins Feather & Friends

What do Kids love more than ice cream? ANIMALS!!!

We are proud to present Fins, Feathers, & Friends, a 30 minute video featuring the antics and acrobatics of fish, mamamls, and birds caught on camera. Accompanying each segment is the music of acclaimed Northwest keyboardist and composer D.K. Stewart.

Princpal underwater digital cinematography was shot by Dr Richard Weber, a scuba diver who captured the colorful life under the sea at various exoctic locals and dive sites around the world. Kids will be captivated by the rich colors, movement, and curious creatures that Weber has filmed. Cinematographers Gary Lacher and Kelley Baker provide segments on elephants, bears, chimpanzees, birds horses and cats.

This video is perfect for children between 1 – 3 years of age.

Running time: 28 minutes

DVD’s $8.00 + $3 S&H

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