BIRDDOG (1999) tells the story of Harv Beckman, a used car salesman in a trashy part of town who accidentally comes in to possession of a rare 1948 Kaiser automobile, which leads to some disturbing revelations about the facts behind the 1948 Vanport, Oregon flood which destroyed an entire city. Portland, Oregon is the backdrop of this film that explores racism, greed, and class in a very corrupt city. Throw in the local Kiwanis Club and you have a very odd unpredictable film. One critic referred to Kelley’s style as “Bruce Springsteen meets David Lynch”. This film opened the 2000 Sao Paulo Film Festival in Brazil.

Written and Directed by Kelley Baker
Produced by Nicola Silverstone & Kelley Baker
Associate Producer Concha Solano
Director of Photography Randall Timmerman
Production Designer Teresa Tamiyasu

Harv Beckman  …  Dougald Park
Ron Tilly  …  Don Alder
Dave …  Duffy Epstein
Earl  …  Tom Lasswell
Tommy Thompson  …  Jim Cuevas

Running time: 100 minutes
This film is not rated. Probably an R for Language and Brief Nudity

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