Mickey The Dog Face Boy and I Need Your Help

Hey Everyone, I’ve been rather quiet about the DFB for a while and that’s because he’s been very ill for the last few months. He’s getting better but it’s been a long road and we still have a ways to go. I’ve been pretty stressed and he’s been miserable.

When we were out on tour this fall Mick was attacked twice in two different cities. For those of you who know him you know he’s very gentle and wouldn’t harm anyone. I was able to pull him away from both attacks and I thought he was okay. I was wrong.

One of the dogs bit him and broke the skin on his leg which eventually lead to a couple infections and (we think) an autoimmune illness. He lost a lot of weight and at one point I thought I was going to lose him. My Vet prescribed antibiotics, steroids and painkillers and finally (after weeks) Mick started to improve. It’s been very slow going but he’s finally turning the corner.

He’s going to need surgery to repair some of the damage (I detail this on the GoFundMe site). With the help of a family member I’ve been able to pay all of the bills so far but now I need help.

I’ve just started a GoFundMe campaign as you can see from the link below. (For some reason the little widget isn’t popping up so please click on the link – Thank You.)

We hope to have the surgery performed next month. I explain everything if you follow the link. I’ll be posting more details as we move forward.




If you can afford to donate that would be great. If you can pass this a long that will be great too.

Thank you. Talk soon.