This Holiday Season – Buy Local

My annual plea to buy local…

Well now that we finally got that pesky Thanksgiving holiday out of the way, we can get on to the real business at hand. Buying shit that we don’t really need!

Most of you know that I’m not much of a consumer. I don’t like shopping and I’m always getting rid of things and wanting less. That being said, I hope that those of you who do shop will take a moment and read this.

Buy local as much as possible.

Please support your independent artists and store owners. When you do that your money stays in your community and helps those around you.

Yeah I know that a lot of local people work at the big corporate stores and they don’t want to lose their jobs when their sales numbers are down and there are some things you can’t get from local artists and independent stores. I get it. But remember most of the large chain stores don’t give a shit about the local community and have no problem asking for tax breaks or hiding their income abroad. Locally owned stores and artists do pay taxes here and they contribute in other ways.

So please, this holiday season before you head straight to the mall or the internet, think about the locals and the independents that you know and see if maybe you can get what you need from them. I know they’ll appreciate your shopping at their stores much more then some big faceless corporation.