Tour Update 10-10-17

I’m sitting in a motel in Oxford, MS thinking about the last few weeks. Things have been up and down but I’m still on my feet.

One high point of the trip was Dubuque, IA. I had a nice crowd, sold books and had a couple nice meals with friends. It is what I had hoped this trip would be. Chicago was also great, hanging out with John Rangel and talking at College of DuPage. Another good crowd.

This last week I was in Nashville teaching for 3 days at NFI. I did a guest lecture at Belmont and got to spend some quality time with my buddy Will Akers (Author of Your Screenplay Sucks!). I also did a couple other readings that were enjoyable.

I think I have a love/hate relationship with touring. I like being on the road but get bummed when very few people show up to my gigs. It happens and I still do the same reading or talk for 2 people as I would for 200. It’s always important to bring your “A game”.

On the weekend the DFB and I drove down to Muscle Shoals with my buddy Hank. We drove the Natchez Trace, which was beautiful. We saw Meriwether Lewis’ grave and had lunch at this amazing little Amish deli we discovered.

In Muscle Shoals we went to the Muscle Shoals Recording Studio and I was in heaven. There was so much great music recorded there. I loved being in that room and feeling the vibe from so long ago. Hank snapped a couple really great photos of me in there. I’ll post one later.

We found FAME Studio as well but it was closed. I asked a woman in a liquor store if there were any good places to camp nearby and she sent us over to a campground by the Tennessee River. I wish it hadn’t been so humid it would have been nice to sit outside and maybe build a fire. I woke up early and the DFB and I took a nice walk along the banks.

On Monday I drove to Oxford and spoke at Ole Miss. I didn’t sell too many books but I met some great people and hopefully they’ll have me come back.

I messed up my schedule this week so I am without any gigs until Saturday in Wichita. I’m trying to get a reading somewhere between here and there but we shall see. I might just find another cheap motel for Mick and I to crash at and try to get work done.

Then things get hectic. Saturday at Watermark Books in Wichita, Sunday at Bound For Glory Books in Tulsa, Wednesday and Thursday in Waco at Baylor, Friday, Saturday and Sunday in Houston with SWAMP doing a Master Sound Workshop with Scott Szabo, then Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday in Dallas/Fort Worth at The Wild Detectives, Funky Town, and I can’t remember the other place.

More to come. Here’s a video I put together on my phone …

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Sincerely, Kelley