I am on the Road the Tour has begun

September 21st

I’m in Kansas City staying with my good friend Joe. The first two days of driving were the worst. From PDX to Salt Lake City was a lot of rain and wind. Outside Boise it was raining so hard I had almost zero visibility. I was up at 5 am on the road just before 7. Pulled in to SLC around 10 pm. My night vision isn’t what it once was so the last 2 hours were really stressful.

Left around noon the following morning as I had a bunch of work to do. Went through Wyoming and it didn’t disappoint. Wyoming is beautiful and I hate it all at the same time. The weather changes constantly. I hit a snowstorm as I was going over the mountains towards the eastern part of the state. Hardly any visibility and I was white knuckling it for about 90 minutes. I have front wheel drive but my tires aren’t exactly new. I never slipped but it never felt real stable either.

It’s at times like this I question what the fuck I’m doing out on tour. This part really stresses me out. I hate it. After the snowstorm there were 40+ mph winds for the next few hours and I was getting blown all over the highway.

By 8 pm I was beat and stopped at a Walmart parking lot to spend the night. The local Motel 6 (they all take dogs so that’s where I usually stay) wanted $70 for a room. That’s why I slept in the Walmart parking lot with about 50 semis and 25 RVs.

I woke up to a beautiful sky. The sun was rising in the east and there were high-scattered clouds. Behind me to the west the clouds were dark and it looked like more bad weather.

After taking Mick for a walk around the parking lot, I made the bed in the van and sat in the sliding door area and ate my breakfast just watching the sky. It was beautiful and for the first time in the last few weeks I realized why I like going out on the road. I finally felt like everything on this tour was going to be okay.

Since my heart surgeries I have wondered how I was going to handle another tour. I’m still not sure but on this morning I felt happy and grateful to be a live and out on the road.

I really am a Road Dog.

Made it to Kansas City where I’m doing a reading tonight. I’m looking forward to it.

Schedule for the next few days – Kansas City, MO – Thursday September 21st doing a reading at the Cabaret Room at the Uptown Theater. (411 Valentine Rd., Kansas City, MO). Doors open at 7 pm.

St Joseph, MO – September 24th – St Joseph, MO – The Tigers Den Bookstore and Bar – 519 Felix St, St Joseph, MO 64501

Dubuque, IA – September 26th – Road Dog and Sound Design for Independent Films Dubuque, IA – Mindframe Theaters

Chicago, IL – September 27, – College of DuPage Room 175, 425 Fawell Blvd, Glen Ellyn, IL 60137
More later.

Road Dog Book Trailer from The Angry Filmmaker on Vimeo.

If you wish to purchase a copy of Road Dog please follow the link. http://www.angryfilmmaker.com/road-dog/

Thank you in advance, I’ll be updating you all as we move forward.

Sincerely, Kelley