Fall Tour Update 7-27-17

As most of you know we’re going to be heading out on tour in September. This tour is going to be a lot more expensive than I thought so next week we’re going to kick off a crowdfunding campaign.

I need your help because touring is expensive especially with no publishing house behind me. I have to pay for everything, most of it up front. I need to order books, get the van fixed, upgrade my laptop, get a new hard drive and some memory cards, pay for gas, food, lodging and anything else that pops up while we’re out on the road.

I tell people that I make films because I have to. There’s something that burns deep inside of me that needs to create. I feel the same about writing. I wrote Road Dog because I had to. I had a story to tell. What’s the good of having a story to tell when there is no one around to listen?

That’s why I’m doing this tour. I want to tell as many people as I can about Road Dog.

I’m hoping you can all help either by donating and/or sharing our campaign with your friends.

Fall Tour Announcement 6-15-17 from The Angry Filmmaker on Vimeo.

I’ve always felt very fortunate to have so many friends and people willing to help me out.

Road Dog Book Trailer from The Angry Filmmaker on Vimeo.

If you wish to purchase a copy of Road Dog please follow the link. http://www.angryfilmmaker.com/road-dog/

Thank you advance, I’ll be updating you all as we move forward.

Sincerely, Kelley