Road Dog Reading at O’Connor’s Vault

“As Eat, Pray, Love is to love and spirituality, Road Dog is to the raucous, independent, and contented life.” – William M. Akers, author Your Screenplay Sucks!, Mrs. Ravenbach’s Way

“Kerouac meets Truffaut in this road trip gem. All the ache and passion of film-making, heart-felt by independent filmmaker, Kelley Baker on a trip across America. Enjoy this read as I did on this road well-traveled.” – Paul Diener, Producer

Here is a part of the Reading I did at O’Connor’s Vault in March. I am reading an excerpt from the chapter, The Fiona Tour. It’s about the time my daughter went out on tour with me when she was 15 and our first stop was an art gallery that had an exhibition of Sex Toys. I hope you like this excerpt more than Fiona liked the exhibition…

I want to thank Don Campbell and Whit Draper for their musical accompaniment, Enie Vaisburd for filming this and my daughter Fiona for putting up with her Dad.

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