The Return of the Kay Boyle Blog

I’m back working on the Kay Boyle film and book so I’ve decided to resurrect the blog. The last year has been crazy with too many other things going on. I’ve continued to work on both the film and book when I can but life inevitably gets in the way.

I’m going to post here once a week (most likely Thursdays) to let you all know what’s going on. The goal is to finally complete this film and it’s companion book.

So hang on I think I’m in for a rough ride.

Dangerous: Kay Boyle – The Blog

“It was in the late twenties that I went to live and work in Paris, and I was then still a French citizen (through my marriage). These two facts would seem to disqualify me as a member of the lost generation or as an expatriate. But I was there, in whatever guise, and even if a bit late.” – – Kay Boyle


I’ve been working on the film Dangerous: Kay Boyle for over 30 years. Not all the time mind you, I’ve had to stop to do silly things like pay the rent, have a kid, get a divorce and work on other people’s movies. I’ve also made eight short films, three features, a bunch of documentaries, and written three books. I’ve criss-crossed the US over a dozen times and put this film on the back burner so many times I’ve lost count.

The reason I’m writing this journal now is because the time has come to put this film on the front burner and keep it there until I can complete it. I’ve applied for grants, asked friends for money, begged friends for money, conned friends in to working with me for free as long as I picked up the tab for traveling, had credit cards taken away from me, rented equipment in foreign cities that I couldn’t pay for, and used way too much of my own funds to get as far as I have.

Making any film is a struggle, making this film makes me feel like I’m the Ancient Mariner and Dangerous has become my albatross.

I’ve had more run ins with people and organizations that have lied to me, taken advantage of me, and used my work for their own purposes. I’m not bitter (angry is a word that comes to mind), this is what happens to any filmmaker who is so passionate about their work that they want to believe only good things about people when they’re approached. I’ve given away too many things and received very little in return, but I’m still excited and passionate about this film.

Whenever I’ve had a negative experience I tell myself its okay. “Just wait until I finish this, they’ll see.” I’ve used that to sustain me over the years. When I’ve put this film away for a while I’ve allowed myself to get depressed. “Will I ever finish this film?” Is a familiar refrain in my head. I have friends who don’t even want to ask me about it anymore, afraid that I’ll jump all over them. I won’t.

In an earlier book I wrote that film school taught me you always finish what start. Well it’s time I listen to myself and get this finished.

So follow along and see the trials and tribulations of a filmmaker who bit off more than he could chew in the beginning but is going to finish this film no matter what. My hope is that you’ll read about all of the mistakes I’ve made and avoid them when you’re making your film.

See you next week.
Thank you.