Road Dog


“When Moses and I hit the road, it was scary, demanding and a shit ton of fun. Fierce storms, terrifying fog, icy roads, uncontrollable laughter, and oftentimes far too much alcohol. Without that big old dog I’m not sure how I would’ve survived.” – Kelley Baker

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With no distributor interested in his independent films, Kelley Baker, the Angry Filmmaker, ripped a page out of the punk rock handbook and went looking for his audience in a used minivan with his faithful 120 pound Chocolate Lab, Moses. Every fall and spring they traveled the country showing his films at art house theaters, film festivals, colleges, and biker bars.

Logging over two hundred thousand miles, they encountered a collection of Fellini-esque characters including two hyper-intellectual pro wrestlers in West Virginia, a lying Chicago hotel desk clerk who cost Kelley his home, civil rights workers knocking back rum at Hank Williams’ grave, and a way overzealous drug sniffing border patrol dog outside El Paso, Texas.

Kelley gave an audio workshop for employees of a porn channel, got yelled at in a haunted bar in Memphis, was asked to leave the Prayer Tower at Oral Roberts University, and drove twenty-four hundred miles in three days so he wouldn’t miss his daughter’s choir recital.

Moses swam in two oceans, fifteen lakes, and enthusiastically marked thousands of spots from sea to shining sea.

At the end of it all they found a lot more than an audience.

“As Eat, Pray, Love is to love and spirituality, Road Dog is to the raucous, independent, and contented life.” – William M. Akers, author, Your Screenplay Sucks!, Mrs. Ravenbach’s Way

Pre-order Road Dog right now for $17.95 + $3 shipping and handling

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“Kelley’s writing is funny, incisive, and wryly observant as he recounts experiences both mundane and bizarre accumulated through his years of driving back and forth across this wildly diverse, crazy ass country of ours. Infectiously page-turning.” – William Bitner, author, Worlds Beyond, She Saw Dinosaurs