The Seven Deadly Sins of Filmmaking Podcast #4

If it’s Monday then this must be Podcast #4.

Once again I will recap how these Podcasts came about for those who haven’t heard any of these yet…

A couple years ago after watching hundreds of students films and films by new filmmakers, William Akers (Author of Your Screenplay Sucks!) sat down and wrote out The Seven Deadly Sins of Filmmaking for his students. His goal was to put a laminated list of these sins in to every camera bag at school so when students went out on their shoots they would have one more reminder of things not to do.

He passed his list around to some of his friends in the film business for input and we added more until the list swelled to eighteen.

On one of my frequent trips to Nashville over a glass of wine or four, William decided we should record a group of Podcasts.

William continues to call it The Seven Deadly Sins of Filmmaking (even though there are eighteen) because it has such a classical sound to it.

For the next couple months I’m going to re-post these one per week, so come back and listen. And if you can’t stand the suspense and want to listen to them all at once, you’ll find them here on my website under the menu button that says, PODCASTS.

I’m sure you have other Filmmaking Sins that are not included in our list but we think this is a pretty good place to start. So gather round filmmakers and take a listen. This shit is more entertaining than sitting in a classroom.

This weeks edition is called “The Good Guy Must Want Something.”

You need to deal with this when you’re writing your screenplay. We’ll be getting in to production stuff, yeah actual filmmaking, coming up in later podcasts.

Remember if the Good Guy Doesn’t Want Anything, you don’t have much of a film…

The Seven Deadly Sins of Filmmaking #4 The Good Guy Must Want Something


Go ahead, click on it. Don’t be afraid. It’s just some good old filmmaking advice…