I’ve Only Got Four Links to Articles That Filmmakers Should Read.

Hey everyone it’s time again for some links to interesting articles for Filmmakers and Documentary Filmmakers. You really should be reading this stuff, there is some good filmmaking advice here…

So here we go.

Thoughts on Distribber.

Well worth the few minutes it will take to read it.


Why You Should NOT Shoot 4K if You’re an Indie Filmmaker.

This article has a lot of great info about shooting 4K that I didn’t know about, especially when it comes to post-production costs. It’s from a panel that was done at Sundance in 2014 and you know how I feel about Sundance… but the panel seems pretty good.I’ll probably go back and listen to the entire panel discussion, there is a YouTube link at the end of the article.


Film Marketing Success: The One Thing You Must Do To Succeed At A Film Market.

Well this is some common sense, but then again most filmmakers don’t do their homework, so maybe you had better read this…


Okay this last link has nothing to do with filmmaking, but I grew up down the street from Ursula K. Le Guin and I grew up with her kids. I am a huge fan of her writing. That being said… I self-publish my books and I use Amazon, but I think she makes some really good points. If I am going to buy a book I am going to use other sites for my purchase, and if I can buy directly from the author, all the better.

Ursula K. Le Guin: “I keep Asking You Not to Buy Books from Amazon”



Oh what the hell,I think I’ll end this with a conversation with Robert Towne, a great screenwriter. He wrote Chinatown among other great films. This clip is well worth your time. So watch it damn it!


You’re welcome!