“Look Dad, Five More Links to Good Filmmaking Articles!”

We should really thank the Angry Filmmaker for taking the time to put these together…

On Directing Actors: An Interview with Tim Blake Nelson

There is a lot of good stuff here if you want to direct actors well. And directing actors is one of the biggest problems I see with film students and many independent filmmakers.  They know all about cameras but don’t know shit about getting good performances from their actors. Read this!


Attention Filmmakers: Here’s How to Make a Million Dollar Movie for Thousands 

I don’t agree with all of these things here but there are some good take-a-ways. It’s certainly worth the few minutes it took to read it.


The Seven Best Apps for Filmmakers in Pre-Production 

I don’t use these,(I’m old school and have my oid worn out tired methods…) but it’s nice to know they’re around.
http://www.indiewire.com/article/7-best-apps-for-filmmakers-pre-production 20150519?fb_action_ids=10153072370106130&fb_action_types=og.shares

I love this, What’s in Your Kit: Cinematographer Frankie DeMarco.

There’s some funny stuff here, and some things that make as lot of sense that we don’t think about until it’s too late. Like an extra pair of shoes…

Sell a Movie to Netflix 

I don’t think this article goes in to enough detail but it’s a good start.



Read these and learn! You’re welcome.