Five Links to Five Articles Filmmakers Should Read, (but probably won’t…)

What the Success of “It Follows” means for Indie Film Distribution

Do you Need To Remove Company Logos From Your Film?

Jonathan Oppenheim’s keynote comments from a panel he was on at Sundance.

“The name of this series of Sundance/KSFEF events is The Art of Editing. And as a way of entering into the spirit of this panel, I want to talk about the particular uniqueness of the role of the editor on a nonfiction film and some of the implicit tensions this role creates.”

Jonathan has edited quite a few docs and what he has to say is pretty interesting… Check it out.

Tribeca: Ava DuVernay’s 8 Tips to Filmmakers On How to Stay in Control

Attention Documentary Filmmakers: 9 Deadlines You Don’t Want to Miss

That last link is about getting money, but you’re going to have to work for it…