5 Links to Articles of Interest for Independent Filmmakers & Documentary Filmmakers

I recently read 5 pretty good articles on various aspects of both Independent and Documentary Filmmaking. Topics include Distribution, Fundraising and a list of do’s and don’ts. Check these out.

Over at Filmmaker Magazine are these two articles – –

Distribution Transparency: Four Filmmakers Reveal Their Distribution Numbers, Parts One.


And Part Two.


Here is an article on, Good Pitch, who I had never heard of.

Reality Checks: How Good Pitch Raises Millions of Dollars for Documentaries.

Definitely a great read when it comes to fundraising. I’m wondering how you can get on their list to pitch to them?


Tow other articles from Indiewire – Attention Documentary Filmmakers: Don’t Make These 10 Common Mistakes. (This article originally appeared on the Raindance Film Festival Blog and was reprinted on Indiewire with permission.


The Best Documentary Filmmaking Advice from Full Frame Documentary Film Festival.


You’re welcome.

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