I keep finding all of these links that I think are important to Filmmakers

Here are some more links I found from Rose Spinelli at The Crowd Fundementals Check out Rose’s site here – http://thecrowdfundamentals.com/

I’m a fan of Rose’s and I think she really knows her shit. If you want information on Crowd Funding go to her site.

Digital Advertising, Bad Bet? Bad Bot!

A quote –

“It turns out that from 88% to 98% of digital ads we pay for are clicked by bots, not thinking, discerning humans. And the fraudsters aren’t fringe offenders; they are companies we rely on and respect like—this one broke my heart—LinkedIn. They came in at 88% fake, with the worst offender being Google, at 98%. Good old Facebook and Yahoo tied at 94%.”

Read the whole article and then decide of digital advertising is for you.


Here is a Twitter Management platform – –

Twitter Management


Here’s an interesting article (not sure how old it is) on why people support various projects through crowd funding.

The Motivations Behind Crowdfunding – – https://www.invesdor.com/finland/en/blog/33

Here is a quote…

The three authors mentioned, identified the main motivations to invest as following:

  • Personal identification with the project’s subject and its goals,
  • Contribution to a societally important mission,
  • Satisfaction from being part of a certain community with similar priorities,
  • Satisfaction from observing the realisation and success of the project funded,
  • Enjoyment in being engaged in and interacting with the project’s team
  • Enjoying contributing to an innovation or being among the pioneers of new technology or business,
  • The chance to expand one’s own personal network,
  • The expectation of attracting funders in return for one’s own crowdfunding project,


Let’s end with a link to John Cleese.

John Cleese on Comedy & Intelligence – Are We Losing It