A Bunch of Interesting Links You Should Check Out If You’re Serious

Here’ a bunch of new links I figured I would turn you all on to. I gathered them from Sheri Candler, The Film Collaborative and a few other sources.

Bill Kinder talks about distributing his film White Rabbit through Tugg. An interesting read and good stuff to know.


Here is a list of the Movies that sold at Sundance 2015. Like this means anything to most of us real Independent Filmmakers.


But will they ever see any money from distribution? Check this out, not like it’s new information. Independent Filmmakers have always had trouble getting paid from Distributors. I talked to Les Blank a couple years ago and asked why he started self-distributing his films in the early 1960’s and his reply was that he wanted to get paid and he wasn’t seeing any money on his distribution deals.


Here is a piece on different Distribution Platforms. It breaks them down, sort of. It doesn’t really talk about what it really costs to get on to iTunes and things like that. But it is worth a read.


Who Needs Sundance? – This one is about crowd funding and distribution, mostly about Indiegogo and Vimeo. And how you don’t necessarily need a distribution deal to get your film out.


Check this shit out. What you do with this info is up to you.