It Was 30 Years Ago This Weekend…

It was 30 years ago (Labor Day Weekend 1984) that I left my job at Will Vinton Productions (that’s what it was called then) and set up my own company and started freelancing.  We had just finished The Adventures of Mark Twain and I was exhausted, I felt unappreciated, and I had NO money in the bank.  And now 30 years later I’m still exhausted, unappreciated and always broke!  WTF?

I’m also very lucky.  I have worked on some great films with Gus Van Sant, Todd Haynes and way too many others to name (you know who you all are).  I have made eight short films, three features a bunch of documentaries and tons of commercials, corporate videos, music videos and just about anything else one could film.  I have traveled all over the US, Canada, and Europe as well as the South Pacific and my films have screened all over the world, including retrospectives in San Francisco and Scotland.  (My daughter met two Russian Fans of my films in Paris of all places…)

I’ve published two books with two more in the pipeline and I am trying to complete Dangerous: Kay Boyle by the end of the year (which I’ve been saying every year since 1988).

I want to thank all of my friends, colleagues, supporters, and family who have supported, helped and been there for me and my work all these years.  I am very fortunate to have had so many wonderful, crazy and supportive people in my life.  THANK YOU ALL!

I am looking forward the next 30 years and with any luck on Labor Day Weekend in 2044 maybe I won’t be tired, I’ll finally feel appreciated and who knows, maybe I’ll even have a couple dollars in the bank.

I am one lucky bastard thanks to all of you!

Now I need to get back to work and being Angry!