Talking About My Book on Film Sound with Furturist & Author Brian David Johnson

This is from a series of interviews I did with Futurist and Author Brian David Johnson about my second book, The Angry Filmmaker Survival Guide Part Two: Sound Conversations With (un)Sound People.



The interview was done at the Hotel Modera, Room 529 and was part of an art project that I shot there.

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“If you read only one book on sound, this is the one, and, after you’ve read it, you’ll never, ever, ever say, “We’ll fix it in post.” – William M. Akers – author of Your Screenplay Sucks!

Kelley Baker’s (un) Sound book is like going to dinner with some of the most creative thinkers in film sound today and then getting the whole evening to pick their brains and discover the real power that sound brings to the independent filmmaker’s storytelling vision. This is the conversation you can’t afford to miss.

Jeffrey P Fisher
Award-winning indie filmmaker
Author of Soundtrack Success: A Digital Storyteller’s Guide to Audio Post-Production