The “31 Days of Kay” Day Three

Author/Filmmaker Robert Tinnell talks about Writer/Political Activist Kay Boyle.


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I need to raise $30,000 to complete, Dangerous: Kay Boyle.

I have been working on this film for 28 years, and funding has always been difficult to obtain. Potential funders have no idea who Kay Boyle was so I paid for many things out of my pocket in order to get the footage I needed. Over the years I have personally devoted thousands of hours and tens of thousands of dollars to this film because I have always believed that people need to know who Kay Boyle was. She was an amazing artist, woman and role model.

Kelley Baker talks about Why Kay Boyle is important. Find out more…

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I am happy to announce that I have a production partner on the film, The Fredericksburg Athenaeum, a 501c(3) non-profit organization so all donations are tax deductible.

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The filming portion of Dangerous: Kay Boyle is complete. Over the years I shot 25,000 feet of 16mm film and a workprint was struck. The early editing on this movie was done in film, but now I need to transfer everything to digital to complete it. For more information click here. (Help Us Tell Kay Boyle’s Story)

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Even $5 helps.
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