Two More American Dream Interviews

I have known Elizabeth for over 40 years. She was my younger sister’s best friend all through elementary school. I remember Elizabeth coming over to our house when she was a kid and she was a whirlwind. She and my sister never walked anywhere, they always seem to be running. I hadn’t seen Elizabeth for about 20 years. One day while I was working for Will Vinton (in the 1980s) she was hired and we got to renew our friendship.

Elizabeth is a terrific artist and she and her husband Tom Gasek are two of the most thoughtful people I know. Their son is the same age as my daughter and he is a hoot!

This conversation was shot while I was staying a few years ago at their home.

I met Jim Fields years ago in Omaha, NE. Every year I try to go through Omaha every year so I can hang out with Jim and we can talk about film. Jim makes documentaries but I think his true love is foreign films. He watches more foreign films and knows more about them than most people who teach at universities. Truly I think Jim likes all types of films.

He just completed a film about the early University of Nebraska Cornhuskers football team when they were actually known as “The Bug Eaters”. And is currently in Production on a film called “Flyover Country”. I am looking forward to seeing it.

The American Dream is an on going series of interviews that I have conducted around the country over the last several years.

Real people talking about what they think The American Dream is and is it still achievable? No lame ass”experts” telling you what it is, and no guys in suits telling us how to think.  Just real people.

A big Thank You to all those that have participated and all who will in the future.

Check back every week as I post new installments.