The Seven Deadly Sins of Filmmaking Podcast #16

Filmmaking Deadly Sin Number 16 – Don’t Plan Elaborate Moving Shots

It’s time again for William Akers (Your Screenplay Sucks!) and Kelley Baker (The Angry Filmmaker) to get together and discuss Filmmaking Deadly Sin # 16 – Don’t Plan Elaborate Moving Shots.

You just saw a really cool shot in a recent film and you want to do something just like it in your movie.  Don’t do it!  Don’t take this personally; YOU’RE NOT GOOD ENOUGH TO PULL IT OFF!  Elaborate moving shots look great, we’ve done a few over the years and take it from us, they are really hard and REALLY time consuming.  How big is your crew, and how big is your budget?  If you have a large EXPERIENCED crew, give it a try.  If not…  Whenever I teach filmmaking there is always one shot that the students try to do which is a moving shot, and they always spend four times longer trying to get it than the planned, and even then it doesn’t look like what they thought it would.  It is always a lot harder than it looks on a DVD.

The other thing you need to plan carefully is how you’re going to cut in and out of a moving shot.  The odds are your shot is going to be too slow or there will be a bump in the move, or something.  Now you’re going to have to figure out how to get in and out of part of the shot without it looking really BAD.

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