The American Dream Series

I have been traveling throughout the US the last few years with camera in hand. As I made my way across the country screening my films and teaching workshops, I was also making a film. A documentary on The American Dream.

On the road, I talked to people from all walks of life, a conservative radio newsman in Pennsylvania, a retired phone company worker from the Mississippi Delta, a first generation Spanish Architect in St Louis, a Hari Krishna Book Store Owner, 2 twenty something Heavy Metal Coffee Shop Owners, a Laid-off Worker, a “street sociologist”, and countless others. And they all have something to say.

These people talk about their vision of the American Dream. Not just for them, but their parents, their children, and future generations. These are “on the street” interviews. I asked each person the same 5 questions, and rarely gets the same 5 answers.

I am going to start uploading each of these interviews once a week. Some I have posted previously, others will be new. So come back each week and check out The American Dream.

We’ll start with My Introduction, and the first two segments…