The Seven Deadly Sins of Filmmaking – Deadly Sin #13

It’s time again for William Akers (Your Screenplay Sucks!) and Kelley Baker (The Angry Filmmaker) to get together and discuss Deadly Sin # 13 – Check All of Your Equipment Before You Shoot!

Whether you own your equipment or you’re renting or borrowing you need to go through every piece of gear the DAY before the shoot and make sure it is in peak operating condition.  You need to pack it all up the day before and have it ready to go.  I have seen too many instances where filmmakers wait until the last minute and show up on set with pieces of equipment not working or pieces missing. Talk about looking unprofessional!  I don’t care when you used it last, go through it!  And give yourself time to get things fixed if you need to.  There is no excuse for making a cast and crew wait while you try to fix or find something you should have checked on earlier.

The Seven Deadly Sins of Filmmaking #13 Check All Equipment BEFORE the Shoot

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