The Seven Deadly Sins of Filmmaking

Filmmaking Deadly Sin Number 7 – Cut all Obvious, Repetitive and Boring Dialogue!

It’s time again for William Akers (Your Screenplay Sucks!) and Kelley Baker (The Angry Filmmaker) to get together and discuss Deadly Sin # 7 – Cut all Obvious, Repetitive and Boring Dialogue!

You need to get rid of all of the boring, repetitive and obvious dialogue in your screenplays.   One of the most common things we see are beginning screenwriters who have characters use each other’s names in their conversations.  How often do you use your friend’s names in conversation?  You know whom you’re talking to, and so do your characters!  Cut out every time a character uses the name of the person they are talking to and see how it plays.  There are more obvious bits of dialog you can cut and we talk about them.

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