The Seven Deadly Sins of Filmmaking – Sin #5

Filmmaking Deadly Sin Number 5 – And Superman Flies Off the Houseboat.

It’s time again for William Akers (Your Screenplay Sucks!) and Kelley Baker (The Angry Filmmaker) to get together and discuss Deadly Sin #5 – And Superman Flies Off the Houseboat.

One of Will’s students wrote the above line in a script for one of his classes. Not only did the student not know Superman personally, he didn’t even know anyone who had a houseboat! So how in the hell is he ever going to make this film?

I know you’ve seen a lot of cool movies with huge budgets over the years but that doesn’t mean you can make one. And trust me if you make a film for no money that relies on a lot of special effects, those effects are probably going to rank really high on the Velveeta Meter.

Why not write a script that you can actually make?

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