My New Book on Audio

The Angry Filmmaker Survival Guide Part Two: Sound Conversations With (Un)Sound People

“Sound is not the enemy!” – – Lee Haxall, Editor (Meet The Fockers & The Shield), Dialog Editor (Ghost)

Motion picture audio is one of the least understood parts of filmmaking. It is often neglected by film students and filmmakers alike. It is boring, scary, too technical and not considered important by most filmmakers. Until they get in to the editing room and realize that by not paying attention to audio earlier they are screwed.

There is so much false information about film sound that most students and filmmakers are afraid to deal with it. When they do, it is usually done incorrectly through ignorance and at a huge financial expense.

This book is intended to shatter the myths and mysteries around film audio and give both students and experienced filmmakers the knowledge and tools so that their films will sound like they have come from the Hollywood studios without huge Hollywood budgets.

For the book, I have assembled a lineup of Film Industry Heavyweights in all areas of audio production for film and television. This group consists of location recordists, sound designers, picture editors, sound editors, re-recording mixers, and post-production supervisors.

This all-star cast has won Oscars and Emmys in addition to awards from various film industries worldwide. In the book’s interviews, Gary Rydstrom, Tom Johnson, Jim LeBrecht, Ron Eng, Harry B Miller III, Peter Kurland, Lee Haxall, Ken Karman, David Cohen and a host of others discuss their methods and secrets. (Click on the names to go to their IMDB page.)

Sound Conversations With (Un)Sound People will be coming out in Spring of 2011.

I need your help!

Once again I am self-publishing a book. I need people who can help with transcribing. I have done most of these interviews via Skype and recorded them. We have been running the interviews through Adobe Premiere’s transcription program and it gets maybe 40% – 50% of the interview correct. I need help from people who are willing listen to the interviews and correct where the transcripts are incorrect.

In reality, you probably will end up transcribing the interviews and using what you can from what Premiere has given us. The conversations run from 60 to 100 minutes in length.

I cannot pay anyone to help but I can give you a credit in the book, a copy of my other book, one of my DVDs and obviously a copy of this book when it is finished.

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However you can help is appreciated! Thank you.

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