Another Music Video?

Richard Moore and I are doing another music video.  The response to the Marble Song has been so positive that we figured let’s do it again.  We’re very happy that so many of you embraced it and passed it on.

This time we are doing a song Richard wrote called, “Delores”.

Where do you come in?  Listen to the song.  If you’re interested please send us photos. Specifically we are looking for photos of people in their twilight years, both males and females. It can be an elderly parent or grand parent, but someone that meant something to you. It can be a portrait, or they can be doing something. It makes no difference.

By sending us these photos (JPEGs work great) you are giving us permission to use the photos in this music video, and only in this music video!  When finished we will post the video on our websites, YouTube, Vimeo and any other place we can post it.  You’ll be free to post it on your own sites and pass it on if you like it.

We want people to hear the song and respond in their own way.

And now for your listening pleasure click on – –   “Delores

Check out Richard’s website and watch The Marble Song again,, but not on your work computer, the URL looks a little suspicious…

Please send your photos to

Help us make a memorable video.

Any questions drop me a line at


Kelley & Richard