Elizabeth Buttler on The American Dream

I have known Elizabeth for over 40 years. She was my younger sister’s best friend all through elementary school. I remember Elizabeth coming over to our house when she was a kid and she was a whirlwind. She and my sister never walked anywhere, they always seem to be running. I hadn’t seen Elizabeth for about 20 years. One day while I was working for Will Vinton (in the 1980s) she was hired and we got to renew our friendship.

Elizabeth is a terrific artist and she and her husband Tom Gasek are two of the most thoughtful people I know. Their son is the same age as my daughter and he is a hoot! They have lived in England, San Francisco, Boston, and many other places.

This conversation was shot while I was staying with them a few years ago at their home.

Elizabeth Buttler talks about what The American Dream means to her.