I am in Austin…

March 14, 2010

I am in Austin, Moses and I drove 2300+ miles in 3 days and now the tour begins…

I just read a piece by Michael Moore in The Daily Beast, justifying the fact that his doc Capitalism is being carried in Walmart. (He also has to point out that it is the eighth highest grossing doc – like we fucking care! Get over yourself Mike!) He can say all sorts of bad things about big companies (especially Walmart) and yet justifies having his films sold there.

But don’t worry; according to Mike he doesn’t make any money on the DVD sales.

WTF??? HE doesn’t make any money off of his DVD’s?

He is either lying or has some of the worst management I’ve ever heard of. Mike, I respect the subjects you take on and the movies you make, I don’t think you’re a very good filmmaker, but I applaud the fact that you make these films. But quit patting yourself on the back. You are letting your films be sold at Walmart and you are making money. Give me a break…

Other stuff

My workshop is tomorrow at SXSW. (Monday, March 15th at 2 pm.) How to Avoid Fixing it in the Mix”.

I am also going to be doing a full blown Sound Design Workshop on Tuesday March 16th for Reel Women.

On Saturday March 20th from 10 am to 2 pm I will be in Houston doing my Sound Design Workshop for SWAMP. Call 773-522-8595 ext 2 for more details.

It’s going to be good.

Please come up and talk to me while I am at SXSW. I always like meeting new people.

Check out our Moses Tour Poster. I am still looking for sponsors; imagine how your logo would look on the poster.

Talk later I need to go register…